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English 1000C is a writing class. Every student learns to think, read, research and write.  When I began this class, I was very scared because my writing is very bad. I came to the classroom and met my classmates and the professor of this class. They were talking about writing territories. I did know what the meaning of writing territories was, but I supposed that was many writings to do. I worried because my writing experiences had been very bad. Our professor asked us to think about something to write. Whatever we wanted. I thought in many things, but I did know how to begin to write or what to write about it.  Then, with the papers that the professor gave me, I began to choose the most interesting topic among of the many that I had. For me all of my topics were interesting, I wanted to know more about them, but I needed to work more in one of them.  However, one of my questions was what to write about an unknown topic? This kind of question came because I had a topic; it was interesting, I was curious to know more about, but I did not anything to write about my chosen topic. I did not have the enough knowledge about it.  However, I begin to think in my life. What experiences I had haven in my life about this topic. I was thinking several minutes and all my remembrance came to my mind. I had my experiences, but I did know how write down in an attractive way for people.  In the class, we were doing something about images. We went outside and we find something to share in class with classmates.  I began to use these images to complement my knowledge. I looked for the smaller images of my experiences. I was thinking about the moment of my experiences in relation with my topic.

My topic was earthquakes. I decided to write about this because I was in two of them. I had many things to write because I was there. In my mind, everything was happen again. Therefore, I wrote down something of my remembrances without organization, I just wrote. Some days later, we went to library to find some articles. I was reading some magazines and newspaper. I found many interesting articles; some of them were different to my topic. However, I read them because I wanted to know more of them and they attract me with the topic. Nevertheless, they were not helping me with my writing but I discover some new things. After, I read some books and I found some information about my topic; it was very interesting, but just to know the earth plate’s movement. I used that for my first little writing that was a little bored because I wrote just about tectonic plates. The information was helpful to know why the earthquakes are necessary to the earth, but I was looking for something else.  I wanted to find some stories like mine or different, but with feelings of the disaster.  I did not find information about people that were in some of these disasters. Perhaps there is not any information about people in an earthquake because it was long time ago, or there is not a recent earthquake.  I think is very difficult to write something about a disaster because the moment come to the writing and that is painful. Then, I wrote my experience in an earthquake and I described many things in writing. It was little, but that was my image that I had in my mind. I posted it in my blog and it was my first post. I did it, but I was not sure that I had done well because I was new in that website.  Next day I checked it and I found some comments from my classmates. I was surprised because the comments said that my writing was interesting. Also, they described some of my words, it was awesome because I was scared that nobody would read my writing.  When we were in the classroom, everyone had his or her topic to write. I was undecided because I did know if to continue with my earthquake experience or change for another one. For the next day, I went to a professor conference, he read my post, and I tried to explain him why I wrote that. Also we talked about my major and other possible topics. In the conference arose a new idea for my topic. It was more interesting that just to write about my experiences or about earthquakes. This new idea covers the interest of many people. It is because we have the same questions in relation with natural disasters. Therefore, I decide to write about it. In my next post, I began to combine my experience with my new ideas. After, I looked for articles with information about my topic. I found good information that I use for my writing. I learned how to find articles trough the St John’s library website. I found many scholarly sources. It is good because they will help me to improve my writing.  In addition, we learned how to use these resources in our writing.  One way to use them is quotation.  I practiced with that in my research paper. In class, we were discussing these papers in-group. This method is helpful because we know what the reader see in our paper. Moreover, we practice some of way to responding to other papers.  Now we have all the tools to begin to write our topic.  For my writing is necessary to have many points of view because there are commons doubts. I think it is a controversial topic because there many answers to the questions that it brings to people. Therefore, there are opposite answers. Now is time to write about a good, interesting, and a curious topic.  The natural disasters are linked to God or the world run by itself.