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God is good and love his creation, especially man. Nonetheless, after any catastrophe some people can ask this question: Was God responsible of this event?  Some fanatics could say that God is punishing the human beings for their sins. However, the majority of people give thanks to God with some expressions like this “Thanks to God because we are living”. Perhaps, they do not have anything because the earthquake or another catastrophe damages their things, but they say that God will help them to get their things again. They are sure that God is with them. Also, where is God? It is another common question in these cases. If God is the creator of everything and our father why are we suffering?  We can say that everything has a goal and maybe it will be bad for us. An example could be when Jesus (God’s son) is on the cross he thought that God his father was not with him. However, God was with him, but the Jesus’ suffering was necessary to get the God’s goal. We do not understand how an earthquake could be necessary for the God’s goal. In other words, are destruction, hungry, pain, and death necessary to God’s goal?

 It is impossible to try to understand the God’s mind.