Happiness to Frightening

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Uncategorized
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This was a Saturday, in El Salvador, people were laughing, talking with friends, eating, drinking, and enjoying the moment. For my family and for me this was an important day, especially for my sister, because exactly in this day she was fifteen years old. We were celebrating it with relatives and friends. I was happy because in my house we never had had a party of this magnitude. All my uncles, aunts, cousins, my four grandparents, and my friends were there. All of them were happy for one reason: they were together; in other words we were together and it was very difficult to do. That was awesome; I thought that day would be unforgettable moment because everything was happiness.  Truly, this day is unforgettable, but it is not for a happy day.  In this day I feel something new, which I did not have experimented. I was looking for one of my cousins outside of my house, suddenly I saw that my house was dancing, the trees were shaking their branches, how if they wanted to take out their roots and begin to walk.  I begin to feel the movement of the earth, it was a big force like a big wave that moves a boat, but it was not water, it was the earth. Children crying looking for their parents, parents worried looking their children, everybody was scared. People begin to run looking for a safe place, but there was not a steady place, the earth was shaking itself. It was a terrible day.


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